• WiBSD runs from memory, therefore you can easily and safely upgrade it remotely
  • it has a very small memory/disk footprint
  • boot directory is the whole system
  • the flashcard (disk, CD, ...) contains just the system boot directory and a configuration file
  • wibsd directory is for configuration. There is only one config file (rc.conf) and possibly some SSH keys and OpenVPN certificates.
WiBSD is configured from just one place only - /etc/rc.conf. See /etc/defaults/wibsd.conf for anything you want to know about all possible features of WiBSD system. This file is selfdocumented and contains resonable defaults whereever applicable.
Changing the configuration is easy. Just RW remount the flashcard, edit /etc/rc.conf and then remount flashcard (disk, ...) read-only.
You may need to rerun some script after you change the configuration. Automatic detection of config changes is not implemented yet.
See how WiBSD is easily remotely upgradable.
Upgrade command can be used even for upgrading configuration (new remote installation for example). This can be useful together with initialization dialog - see the next picture.
You have just some remote hands and no qualified administration on the other side? No problem - just let him log in as admin and give him a few simple instructions. Once you can log in (there is default user wibsd), you can do remotely anything you want.
Automatic system check is performed during the system reboot. We use WiBSD even at places where physical access is very problematic and then this feature sometimes comes in handy.

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